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Installation for exposition with post-post: Movement and the static at Stichting B.A.D. and open studio day at de Hillvliet

Avalanche: Bio

In the evening  
Dry and dirty heaps 
One grass pew and some hairy spread 
A hundred worn out broken bricks. 
Worn out by the streets of the peeps 
Broken down buildings 
Avalanche left over 
An imprint of the decrepit stones  
Exhausted and done on the ground 
An white plaster connects all the stones, 
And take their traces. 
A negative of the surface faces you 
When you walk over the replica that has traces of the viewer 
Dirt, from the bottom of your feet casting, 
Feet envelope, feet shell, feet cover.  
Bricks from the city  
Broken down, covered in dirt 
Traces of the lived 
Leaves, sand, hair smush, slush, fluf and drips. 
A composition of pieces of stone dragged down by a mass of unknown. 
Dictionary: avalanche: a large amount of ice, snow and rock falling quickly down the site of  a mountain. 
A composition of a large amount of city bricks that fell down and decrepit in multiple city  ways. 
An imprint of this composition takes the traces and connects all the stones. Facing the negative, the imprint, you walk over the positive leaving your traces of dirt, mud,  dust and grid. 
On the white replica of the broken city brick composition.

Avalanche: Text
Avalanche: Pro Gallery
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